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Thank you Lord Jesus for giving us the desires of our hearts and letting us do music! This is a Collection of Songs written & Sung by Don Bishop from 01-1991 to 03-2002 Except Healer of the Soul, written by Kristina Hensley in 1997. The recordings stretch the whole gamete. Original recordings were done on several different formats, 4-Track, Dat, Cassette Tape & A-Dat. The Mix Down and Remixes & Mastering were done on PC by Marty Splawn, Don Bishop & Steve Bryan. Several of the songs were basically practice tapes of the first time we played them all the way through. I kept waiting, even for years, for everything to be “perfect” to record them “right” (my idea of right). But after all this time I finally realized, that when we are made perfect, we will no longer be in this world. We will be with our Lord Jesus!:) So, here it is in all its imperfection! The music was arranged and played by; Marty Splawn, Guitars, Bass & Drums and Steve Bryan -  Guitars, Bass & Key-Drums. Except on Time Wasted, Don – Lyrics & Vocals, written 09-04-92, Aaron Judkins – Guitar, Brent – Drums, Pete – Bass. Producers – Marty, Steve & Don. 

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Don Bishop Lyrics & Vocals, all Music by Marty Splawn & Steve Bryan.

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DonSongs 002

Don Bishop, Marty Splawn & Steve Bryan







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If these Songs have Blessed you and you would like to send a gift of Any Amount to Don & Psalms 68 Ministries to help get us going. Pleas send it via to or or or . Fifty percent of all gifts will go to Psalms 68 Ministries and the rest will be divided in direct proportion to the amount of work done on the project between Don, Marty, Steve & Kristina who worked on the Projects. Your Credit Card Bill will show Bishop Co. as the billing Co. which includes & & & . Thank You and God Bless!:) Don

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Thanks for listening!:) Hope you like our music:) God Bless, Don


Copyright: @ all rights reserved DonSongs 2002.

Producers: Don, Marty, and Steve.

Artist-1: Don Bishop - Vocals & Lyrics, Kristina Hensley – Lyrics on Healer of the Soul, Marty Splawn & Steve Bryan – Guitars & Bass, Steve - Keyboards & Key-Drums, Marty - Drums.
Artist-2 Time Wasted: Don Bishop-Vocals & Lyrics, Aaron Judkins-Guitar, Pete-Bass, Brent-Drums, Written

Copyright: We are giving away these MP3s Free to Download to anyone who would like them. But you may not sell them or change them in any way (see the copyright below). If these Songs have Blessed you and you would like to send a gift to Psalms 68 Ministries to help us get a ministry to Youth going. Please send it via to or Write for other options. You can go to to find out more about the ministry. Fifty percent of all gifts will go to Psalms 68 Ministries and the rest will be divided between Don & Marty & Steve and any others who helped with this project.

Thank you Lord Jesus for giving us the desires of our hearts and letting us do music! I don’t have a real band yet. Thus no band name, all I could think of was DonSongs. It’s the name of my web page. It’s at . These Songs were written from 01-1991 to 03-2002 and the recordings stretch the whole gamete. One day I hope to do really professional recordings of these and more songs I have and to be in a real band. Thanks for listening:>)

God Bless,


Don Bishop, 1012 Idlewood,

Azle, TX 76020



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