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Hi, my name is Don Bishop

I love to Write and Sing and these are my pages of DonSongs, Praise Songs, Rock Songs, Poems, A vision for a Ministry called Psalms 68 Ministries, Links to Free Software, Friends Pages, and Skanky Pics of me and my friends!!!:)


  I would like to share a few songs and poems that I wrote with you.

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There are four wav sound files to listen too. RealAudio and MP3 soon to come:>)

Living Beings – Climate Control

Our New Album is Done!:) We finally finished recording a new one! It's called Living Beings – Climate Control and You can Download the whole Album Free!

Download all songs from the Living Beings - Climate Control Album, Free MP3's!

And here’s an alternative download site that also has smaller 64Kbps M3U versions for Dialup connections. And it has Streams of the whole Living Beings – Climate Control Album too, if you just want to listen online without saving the MP3’s on your computer.

Go to, Don Bishop, Living Beings - Climate Control Songs, Listen Free!

This Page link Below, is where you can go listen to my first ever Recording of Time Wasted.

There are MP3, RealAudio and regular wav sound files to listen too:>)


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True Power.

Is when you have the power to control.

But you do not!

Instead, you love.

Like God loves us.

(4-10-99, Don)


Let's start a Band!!!

Anybody want to start a band? Do you live In the Fort WorthDallas Area? I can sing and I write Lyrics. But I can't play any instruments. Above are the links to both of my Albums and some older song clips from my first recordings. Praise Songs and Regular Rock Songs too. Four of the clips are "wav" sound  files and some have MP3 and Real Audio files, so you can hear them. And get an idea of my voice. The Poems page has some of my poems. My favorite styles are Early - Star Flyer59 / Morillas Forest. Hard Core- like Nailed Promise / Embodiment / Travail. Metal like old Deliverance / Tourniquet. Emo -  60s and 70s music. Also bands like The Choir / Raspberry Jam and Glisten. I'm a singer not really a screamer. Although I love intense music. But on the other hand I really love very emotional music. But after all is said and done. Praise is where it's at. So, if you play either guitar, bass or drums. Call or e-mail me and let's get together.  E-Mail me Don

Thanks, Don



Well, what are friends for?

But to make and display really weird, embarrassing, things about you, right on the web.

And my friend Bruce, AKA - Broozer, has done just that! All for me!!

So, I mean... Only go here if you Dare!!!

Pics from 2-27-99 to ?...

Oh! And how would you like See my old Yellow Submarine?? Well, it's really a 1954 Chevy...

Painted to look like the Yellow Submarine!:) Look for it on the Skank-Master pages!!

I sold her a while back and now I miss her, allot!:(

Don is a Skank-Master

Deluxe !!!

Like to know about my work experience? Click here to see my Resume

If you are interested in a ministry for kids, abused, runaways or just kids who need Christ check out my Vision for,

Psalms 68 Ministries

Flowers Curb  World


Thanks  for checking it all out! If you would like to write to me, please see my e-mail address below.

   E-mail Don

 Go here to see more links to some helpful and interesting sites. With stuff like Free Software.


Praise Songs


Living Beings - Climate Control

Skank Master-Pics


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Psalms68 Ministries

Download the New Living Beings Album Free!