Don W. Bishop

Azle, TX 76020

          Don Bishop 


Don W. Bishop

Azle, TX 76020




Bishop Co. – Self Employed, Selling Audio Video Equipment and Software through the Internet. I am a Dealer for Logos Bible Software, Horizon Music Incorporated and of many other Audio-Video Parts and Equipment. 08/2001 to Present.


Lighthouse Residential & Consulting, Bedford, TX, 07/2001 – 09/2001.

General Building Maintenance work for apartment complexes.


Hosted by, Bedford, TX, 12/1992 – 08/2001.

Audio-Video Production Technician. A-Squared Productions, G.P.I. Concerts, Footloose, Powerhouse and Get Real Promotions: nine years experience in the Christian Music concert business. Volunteer and salaried work. Audio Technician; Set up and operate sound systems for concerts, a theatrical production with a live band and nine wireless microphone systems, meetings and conventions. Monitor technician for larger concert productions. Experienced in live music recording, to cassette, four-track and A-Dat. As well as mix down to CD and Tape.  Worked with the public during concerts in; food service, ticket sales, clean up, public relations and advising people in the Christian  Faith.


Orius Corp.-Lisn Division, Carrollton, TX, 03/2000 - 01/2001.

Telecommunications equipment installer  . Telco Installer; Installation of telecommunications equipment, such as DSO, DSL and Newbridge ADSL Equipment, in telephone company central offices. Have completed the Lisn installer’s instruction course.


God’s Place International-G.P.I. Concerts, Arlington-Bedford, TX, 1/96 - 1/97 & 9/98 - 11/98.

Audio Technician. Worked as an audio technician setting up and mixing sound for Christian Rock Concerts.


Aqua Bar, Fort Worth, TX, 02/1998 - 06/1998.

Audio Technician. Aqua Bar: Audio Technician for Christian Rock Bands, Tu., Thurs., Fri., and Sat., nights.


U-Edit Video, Arlington, TX, 05/1996 - 08/1996.

Manager Trainee. U-Edit Video: Manager Trainee. Customer service. Supervised other employees. Assisted customers in editing videos. Worked with VHS, SVHS, Hi-8, 8-mm, and Betamax formats. In; editing, camera graphics, computer generated titles, audio inserts, voice over's, stills from video, tape repair, tape duplication, foreign conversions.


KMPX - TV29, Dallas, TX, 08/1994 - 05/1996.

Master Control Operator. KMPX - TV29: Master control operator. Responsible for recording from satellite, playing programs and breaks according to program log. Keeping records of machine status. Worked with, 3/4", Beta and SVHS format's. 8 / 94 - 4 / 95 & 2 / 96 - 5 / 96


General Dynamics, Fort Worth, TX, 08/1980 - 11/1992.

Template maker / Form Block Maker. General Dynamics: Nine years experience in aircraft manufacturing. Fabricated and repaired sheet metal forming tools and routing tools for production of sheet metal parts. Fabricated and repaired templates for locating or checking production parts. Performed hand finishing and routing of machine parts. Worked from blue prints and tool designs. Utilized; mill, lathe, band saws, automatic and manual drill presses, table routers, sheet metal rollers and shears, hand tools, drills taps, dies, files, grinders, sanders routers, stencils, micrometers, depthmics, calipers, hole gauges, protractors, machinist squares. As a Form Block and Template Maker and Hand Finisher. 8 / 80 - 5 / 83 & 11 / 85 - 11 / 92.


D & L Cabinets, Weatherford, TX 08/1983 -11/1985.

Cabinet Maker.


Bishop Cabinets, Azle, TX 06/1983 - 08/1983.

Self Employed Cabinet Maker.


Franks Cabinets, Fort Worth TX 04/1980 - 07/1980.

Cabinet Maker.


Larry's Cabinets, Fort Worth, TX 08/1978 - 04/1980.

Cabinet Maker.


Wichita Oil Co., Wichita Falls, TX 1/1976 - 8/1978.

Maintenance Mechanic. Served as operator /manager of a retail gas /car wash facility. Trained to be maintenance mechanic. Maintained service stations, convenience stores, car washes. Performed repairs on buildings, pumps, plumbing, electrical equipment, air conditioning, hydraulic car wash equipment and electronic read out equipment on gas pumps. Performed pipe fitting, carpentry, remodeled old service stations into convenience stores. Installed new pumps and gasoline storage tanks.  Operated the Archer City Texaco warehouse, delivering gas and oil, for three months while employed by Wichita Oil Co. Utilized; mechanics hand tools, carpenter  tools, electronic test equipment, pipe threader, propane torch, sweat fittings, arch welder, a company truck with an electric hoist. Authorized to use cash and company charge accounts.



Tarrant County Junior College, Hurst, TX, 12/1993.

Media Communications: Classes completed; Audio Production, Music Video, Music Reading.

9 /92 -12 /93.



Heavenly Riffs: A Christian Rock Video TV Show on TCI Cablevision. Volunteer work as an audio technician, studio camera operator and on live concert shoots as an audio technician and camera operator.  8 /94 to 6/95.


Set Free: A Christian Rap-Rock TV Show on TCI Cablevision. Volunteer work as floor director and studio camera operator. 7/95 to end of Show 12/95.


For a local Christian radio station: Helped program music for a Christian Rock

Music show called Power Jam.  Answered phones for request / prayer line. Involved public relations. Summer 1990.



Audio-Video and Computers would be an asset in an audio-video or computer related position. I really enjoy working with audio, video and computers. I worked with PC’s since 1992: Starting with Windows 3.1, 98 and XP. Some Programs I work with MS Word, Works, Excel, Outlook, Front Page and many Audio-Video, Graphics and Web Publishing Programs.


Thank you for your time,


Don W. Bishop

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