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Here are some Poems about my life.

"Fight or Love?"

Some are fighters.

Some are lovers.

And many like to bear these names.

But I say, what is true?

What will you do?


Or fight!?

I say.

True lovers, fight.

Not for passion or greed.

But for what is truly worth loving.

The souls of men.

Where will we, all end?

For nothing is eternal.

Here where we live.

The only thing that truly matters.

Is life, eternal.

So love someone enough.

Love your self, enough.

To go, to know.

Where we will go.


"The essence of love"

The essence of strength, is love.
The fuel of strength, is love.
The test of love's strength,
is to love through offense.
God is Love!

Thanks Dad,


Alone, just me and my memories.

I cannot run.

I cannot hide.

Alone, trapped inside.

My memories.

No, they're not vile!

Mostly of love!

That I lost.

Wonderful times.

Hugs and smiles.

My Children.

My wife.

Yes I know.

A typical song.

Of how it all went wrong.

Well I can't get over it!

There all gone!

And I know it's wrong!

So very wrong.

Not Gods plan!

Not at all.

We reap what we sow.

Down the road.

And the two have become one flesh.

Whose fault was it?

Both, both of us.

For the two are one.

And whatever is done.

They both shall reap.






"Prayer for my Children"

I rebuke you Satin, In Jesus name.

I cast you back into the abyss.

From where you came.

And remember this!

You will not take my children away.

They belong to God, a gift he gave.

His gift to me.

And your future I see.

Decided by the Son of Man , who died on a tree.

I rebuke you Satin in Jesus name.

Go back into the abyss, from where you came.

Get back you devil in Jesus name!

Amen, Amen.

By, Don W. Bishop, written 08-05-92'.




Please pray for my children and me and their Mother. If you read my poems, then you have a good idea why.



Feel free to print these  poems out if you would like to use them. But, please do not sell these writings without my permission. I won't have to tell Dad on you, because, of coarse . He already knows even before we think it.

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