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This is a wonderful Letter and Prayer I received

From a sister on ChristiaNet - Andrea3108,

First I checked out your pics and smiled at the good times you guys seem to have with each other in His then I saw "If I could go back" and I was just wiped out.... I have often thought the same thing.... I lost my 1st husband to divorce after 13 yrs of marriage.... And then lost my 2nd husband and soulmate to lung cancer-it was 2 yrs ago yesterday.... I have 2 boys from the 1st- Zachariah is now 15, Jack is now 8 and from my last husband I have 2 1/2 yr old Jessi. All 3 of them are awesome gifts from our Abba.....just lent to me to raise for a while......and I have 2 stepdaughters -Megan is 13 and Lauren is 10 still love to come over about every other weekend even though their dad has gone to be with Jesus- we are just tight and love each other very much...... Where would I go back to? So many things I can think of.......all bring
tears....... The bottom line is we cant - we have been given the here and now.......... with James 1:2-4 (James 1:2-4 (NIV) 2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. 4 Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.) I personally have been holding onto..... I cannot question the mind of God .....I just trust.....and seek His face.....being called to sometimes step out on the water and to sometimes be still. I have wanted my whole saved life since 1988 to be in the ministry for Him - to really let Him use me for His purpose .....and within my surroundings and travels and jobs I have done just that......the rocks and stones will never be louder than I have a burning desire to be a extreme step-out in faith missions.....but so far I have been on-fire for witnessing for Him within the boundaries of my reality for now..... I would love to communicate with you precious brother.....after reading your testimony about your kids and drying my eyes.....I then looked up the Psalm 68 site and I just couldn’t believe it....... I stopped and just started to pray for you and your ministry and your children........ wow Don........such obedience and trust........ that just amazes me....... My heart and soul wants to be a part of it somehow and I already am as a prayer warrior for His work.....for your hands and your voice and your feet our Abba is using......God bless you and EVERYthing you do in His name.

Lord Jesus, I feel the sincerityfollow ...... through the pain.....the love for you Abba..... his desire to ......wholeheartedly........running out on the water in obedience and praise you Lord and raise my hands to your awesome power and thank you that I could be a
witness to this work......this work you are doing in this town and this work you are doing in this brother's heart. Father, I pray right now for your spirit to cover and fill Don...... from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet- heal his body -from the inside out- fan the flame inside him..... let him burn for you....... touch your church through Him Father and may you draw child after child - kid after kid - teen after teen - ear after ear that you touch with your gifts of music and song and poems and testimonies through this brother......- tear after tear that is shed in humbleness and truth in surrender to you and your cleansing healing touch- may every thing done by this ministry be multiplied........ and lives and souls saved in your your awesome Holy Spirit. Thank you for letting me witness this brother's work for you Lord......and melting my heart in the process. Please keep him safe and every brother and sister you are using for your purpose there...... touch them, fill them and their families...... touch their music and may your spirit dwell in the words, in the sound ..... of their hands - of their voices -their feet- every part of their beings as they witness for you...... touch and fill the hearts of the kids Lord...... the ones the devil is so bent on devouring....... I pray hedges of protection over them....every one who comes in contact with Don's ministry and the ones who we don’t even know about yet- the ones who will be drawn there and witnessed to and helped by your obedient servants.......and please Lord PLEASE FATHER GOD protect his very own...... protect the very gifts you entrusted to him...... I know he is on fire for you and doing damage to the territory of the liar and the thief because he feels him as a threat and worth his time to try to get to his kids....but I come against his demons of untruth - of anger - of unforgiveness - of mistrust and fear and by the awesome and all-powerful name and blood of Jesus I command them back to the one who sent them...... I claim Don's children as YOUR CHILDREN JESUS- ABBA THEY ARE YOURS and I pray their eyes and ears are open to the truth of YOU and you alone..... and I ask that you send on fire Christians across their paths to pray for them- to lay hands on them- to show them true unconditional agape love and that their eyes are open to discern deception and stay clear of it. Lord you are in control.....and we love you and trust you with our lives and our deaths...... thank you precious Savior, we are yours.


The feilds are ripe to harvest. And I'm praying for the workers:>)

Just to help you get to know me a little better. I have included a link to my online Resume. It contains info on my life’s work in both regular jobs and ministries. Go check it out if you want to know more about who you would be working with:>)

Don’s Resume

They say a Picture is worth a thousand words. Sooo…I took a thousand Pics of the place, just for you! Well, maybe not a whole thousand. But enough to give you an Idea of what "We"…will be getting in to. The owner of the building really wants me to be able to do this. So he is waiting for me to get up the money to do it!:>) So, don’t waste any Moore time! Look at the Pics and lets get to it!:>)

Pictures of the Dream Location!

My Home Page will tell you even more about me, who I am, my hopes and dreams. I have some of my songs and poems out there with sound files you can download and listen to. The Skanky Pics pages have Pics of me and my friends. So, go on:>) Check it out if you have allot of time to waste!:>) Who knows…maybe it will turn out to be a "Divine appointment":>)

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